Wednesday, December 1, 2021

 Homework Hack #1  The Most Popular Planning Tools

As a high school student, you probably access assignment calendars that enable teachers to show deadlines for homework and other projects in most of your classes. These school platform-based calendars are a good starting point.  

But, I do need to warn you here, that unless you are naturally and automatically hyper-organized, you still need to do at least some of your own homework management in order to consistently meet the deadlines on your school-based display. And since homework points boost your grade, being on time really helps you.

Now, this involves good news too because, if you gravitate to anything in App form, the choices from the list below enable you to plan using a model you really like.  And all of these choices synch across devices. You can also program reminders!

Investigate the links below for some best choice Apps for getting homework done. 

My Homework Student Planner APP (the Pro version) at is rated #1. "Student" includes those attending any of the colleges and universities you may want to attend!   

If you were using a paper planner, this electronic format will be familiar to you. The difference is time, with this App you can add your upcoming and reaccuring deadlines in just a few minutes. That is the first step to having all of your information in one place. A calendar event feature allows you to add customized homework events for each day. And, you can cross these off right as do them! You can also alert yourself electronically to what's coming up next.  Invite a coach or peer mentor to your scheduling process to help you keep up your homework pace.

Google Calendar

So many adults utilize Google Calendar, which as you know, works across devices. Just be aware that if your page shows up as a layer in your family's calendar, their events can populate onto your interface. That can be helpful but also complicate things too. Sometimes it's best to create your own Google account option so you can use a separate Google calendar.


 Trello advertises as the best planning App for Procrastinators, and you are not the only ones, adults are included in this group.  It allows you to plan for those days when homework just won't get itself done. With Trello, you create specific task cards that move through different stages of completion.  It's so gratifying to move a task card to "Done!"  It also has an excellent calendar feature that allows you to list day-specific homework tasks.   Trello can synch with all of your devices and other people's too so you can invite members of a school project group to plan it with you.

 And if you are a visual learner, Trello is definitely for you because it's colorful and creative with a variety of spatial options. 

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