Thursday, July 7, 2022


Real World Professionals Model What Twice Exceptional Adolescents Need the Most


                Twice exceptional adolescents have this in common with many gifted real world professionals: the need for an assist in getting daily tasks done so that they can focus on their favorite information and ideas.  It is these professionals, who hold the key to what 2e adolescents  need the most: tech strategies for time management and organization that support their weaker executive functions. Twice exceptional adolescents usually experience the relentless tasks of high school homework, as drudgery, if not torture. But fortunately they can achieve immediate mastery the of variety of tech tools known as Apps. Apps are, of course, the lingua franca of social networking, a primal area of adolescent expertise. So it is effortless for a variety of 2e adolescents to use these same tech skills to get other important things done!

                Innovative business professionals are now using time management and productivity Apps to organize not only their own agendas, but those of whole project teams.  A twice exceptional tenth grader, independently figured out all the bells and whistles of, billed for laymen as a "Planner for Procrastinators" and now used widely by professional business work teams.  This 2e student reported that Trello made homework planning so much fun that it was easier to pay attention to her assignments!

                 An 11th grade 2e student self-selected" Microsoft To Do: Lists, Tasks and Reminders", to keep track of homework tasks and to create a study plan for an upcoming AP Calculus test. There are a variety of free Productivity Apps, that provide real world practice at time management for 2e students who need an executive thought assist.  A 2e's use of adult time management tools is not only a motivator for high school work but preparation for work in the real world.


Deborah Katz, Ed.D.

For more info about the wide variety of professional productivity Apps for 2e students and to learn more about how real world professionals can motivate them, visit There you can also subscribe to a blog about homework management.

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