Monday, November 8, 2021

Introducing Homework Hacks for Your Best Work in High School

As an experienced student, you may still hear "Have you done your homework?" from your parents at times in your high school career when you feel really sensitive and even secretive about not being able to "get into it".

That's the reason I'm blogging to offer you Homework Hacks that are so popular, your parents will never ask you that question again! 

Tune in to these next blogs for great ways to:

1. Start and Complete Homework! (When you become this productive, you create more free time for yourself)!

2.  Make your homework time less isolating. (Who said you have to go it alone?)

3. Enlist your parents as your supporters(Get them to confess that when they were in high school, they may have avoided or even skipped some of their own homework!  And, now they just had to learn how to work at home again!)

4.  Keep your teachers in the loop! Waiting for homework to be submitted is so boring; make things more lively for your teachers by keeping them in the loop!  (Networking this way will get you some great tips for doing an assignment and an extension if you need it!)

Stay tuned for Homework Hack 1!  The Most Popular Planning Tools.


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